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IT6931 or IT6 931

Ulrich Marggraf commented 2019-08-16
Country: Unknown
Stoewer. German registration.IT = Hessen-Nassau(?)
I saw a photo of this car in "August Christ, Sizilienfahrt" ,publ. 1926 by Autombobil-Revue-Verlag, Frankfurt, p. 59 (report on trip from Frankfurt to Palermo, and would like to know whether this car still exists.


XPD039 or XPD 039

Eric commented 2019-08-05
Country: Unknown
Chevrolet. Just want to know everything about the car
I want to buy that car so I just want to know that everything is good or bad


EXF193 or EXF 193

Michael Adelman commented 2019-07-26
Country: Unknown
it is parked on a coastal road, presumably in a western country ?
I found a photo of this car clearly showing the number plate . I am not sure of the make of car? it looks like a possible WOLSELEY radiator with a 3 cornered radiator badge !


MZ6366 or MZ6 366

George Arthur commented 2019-07-18
Country: Unknown
Morris. Car bought in Northern Ireland date of manufacture 1949
This was the first car my father ever bought cost £365


YP8589 or YP8 589

Lourdes commented 2019-07-16
Country: Unknown
The lady owner was so rude and irresponsible driver!!!!


GWX748 or GWX 748

Edward commented 2019-06-30
Country: Unknown
TVO Fordson E27N
Very elderly gentleman drove this tractor in 1948 he would like to know if it is still around


XBS913 or XB9 13S

Kerstin Klöfver Lönnström commented 2019-06-29
Country: Sweden
Volvo. volvo V50
It is my car but I do not remember the year it was done?


FSD698 or FD6 98S

liisa commented 2019-06-29
Country: Unknown
Mitsubishi. my mom car
my mom


DDM122 or DDM 122

Shamsuddin commented 2019-06-29
Country: Unknown
Malaysia, Kelantan
I interested to buy this number


XAW351 or XAW 351

cretin commented 2019-06-28
Country: Unknown
Ford. In Perth Western Australia it’s located
XAW-351 number plate was originally put onto a 1972 Ford ZF Fairlane Continental It was in sherwood green with a bone coloured vinyl roof which continued down the top half of the back doors it had a 302ci Cleveland motor with a C4 transmission and a disc brake 9” diff running 3:55 ratio the original owner was Mr Jones. Who sold the car to a Mr H N Welsh. Who then gave the car to me C E Shane. The car no longer exists today but I do still own the original number plates black writing on white plate in a little worse than where than they ort to be.


YVW888 or YVW 888

Duc Nguyen commented 2019-06-28
Country: Malta
Superman's car


AJS545 or AJ5 45S

jonsson commented 2019-06-15
Country: Sweden
Looking for one to buy


RKP658 or RKP 658

RÁkár Katalin commented 2019-06-02
Country: Unknown
gyártási év


JYW981 or JYW 981

John Busby commented 2019-05-30
Country: Unknown
From a family photograph, believe Scotland, 1950/51


JGY526 or JGY 526

Joan commented 2019-05-24
Country: Unknown
GMC. Color: Red Model: Yukon License Plate: JGY 526 Alaska
This vehical was seen shooting up in front of a residence. I would like to know who it was. How can I find out? My Email:


VMZ204 or VMZ 204

rob commented 2019-05-22
Country: Unknown
these guys stole my car


ELC289 or ELC 289

Debby commented 2019-05-19
Country: Unknown
Looking for old car


YFJ685 or YFJ 685

Johannes Kalt commented 2019-05-15
Country: Unknown


KCN073 or KCN 073

Noelene commented 2019-05-14
Country: Unknown
This car was owned by my husband in the 1980's and he has always wondered if it is still going


YEQ666 or YEQ 666

JCitizen commented 2019-05-11
Country: Unknown
Toyota. Australia. Driver represents
Absolute moron! Shouldn't have a license. Takes it upon himself to be Ruler of the Road. Conquered the passing lane and refused to budge from it while doing much slower than the legal speed limit. Boxed me in then slowed right down for no reason at all.