Who owner of car number FOT466 or FOT 466 Chrysler Chrysler Cruiser

Plate fot466



Odintsov Dmytro commented 2018-10-22
Country: Lithuania
Chrysler. Chrysler Cruiser
October 21, at approximately 17: 20-17: 30 on Admiralskaya Street (near the exit from Moscow), a Chrysler Cruiser # FOT466 car almost hit a family with two children (a man, a woman, a child of 6 years old and a stroller) crossing the crosswalk . The car was moving along Admiralskaya Street from ul. Schneerson towards st. Lyagin. The family was already completing the transition, so as not to fall under the wheels, they all had to sharply cross the road. The driver of the Chrysler car behaved inadequately, stopped, ran out of the car and struck the man crossing the road with his family with several punches and kicks. Having been physically repulsed, the intruder disappeared. Unfortunately, the video could not be made, there is only a photo. Photo of the offender also failed to do. The police was summoned to the scene, a protocol was drawn up. If someone has information about this car and its owner, or you have witnessed this incident, we would be grateful for providing it. Any information about the location of surveillance cameras in the area will also be very useful. Thank you in advance.

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