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Last comments


UQH815 or UQH 815

Ronald commented 2021-04-10
Country: Unknown
Ford. Ford fiesta
Just to verify the original owner of the car


057HTY or 057 HTY

Morgan Williams * commented 2021-04-10
Country: Unknown
Proof that you have parked correctly. There is nowhere to go with a stroller from the word.


LAR648 or LAR 648

Patrick Arthurs * commented 2021-04-10
Country: Unknown
The hero in the parking lot, climbed onto the sidewalk, blocked the exit.


348SED or 348 EDS

Dereck * commented 2021-04-10
Country: Unknown
He parked, didn't want to leave until the police were called.


MKI345 or MKI 345

Klaus * commented 2021-04-10
Country: Unknown
This car is parked outside the National Police building every morning.


GTR025 or GTR 025

Natalie Eddington * commented 2021-04-10
Country: Unknown
Extra-class parking. It seems like the tiles were laid especially for them …


THC420 or THC 420

Bob Marley commented 2021-04-09
Country: Sweden
Nervous driver, beware


JT6033 or JT 6033

Māris * commented 2021-04-09
Country: Latvia
This driver does not consider pedestrian rights and parks his car on the sidewalk on the pedestrian path!


KYR428 or KYR 428

Mór * commented 2021-04-09
Country: Hungary
This guy blocked the exit from the parking lot for another car and left. This behavior is unacceptable!


MDR736 or MDR 736

Berény * commented 2021-04-09
Country: Hungary
Just look at the photo! Here is a real parking master!