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Last comments


LYM574 or LYM 574

Simonas * commented 2020-10-30
Country: Lithuania
Hyundai. Santa Fe
This car with this license plate was sold to Ukraine. The further path of this car is unknown to me.


879HDH or 879 HDH

Taidus * commented 2020-10-30
Country: Estonia
He parked his car on the sidewalk. Where are the police looking?


AKQ602 or AKQ 602

Imre * commented 2020-10-30
Country: Hungary
It is very urgent, you need to contact the driver of this car, he blocked my passage from the parking


LBE670 or LBE 670

Panagiotis * commented 2020-10-30
Country: Cyprus
I want to find the driver of this scooter, the neighbors said that he hit my cat.


964HVN or 964 HVN

Jerry * commented 2020-10-30
Country: Canada
I need to find the contact details of the owner of this car, for personal reasons.


JZH123 or JZH 123

Timothy O Brien commented 2020-10-29
Country: Unknown
MINI. Car was registered in Ireland c1965
This was a mini registered to my mother, leased from Harry Murray, Murray’s rent a car, Dublin (now Hertz, I think)


ZPO561 or ZPO 561

Leonardas * commented 2020-10-29
Country: Lithuania
Number plate found. I want to return it to the owner. How to find it?


668AZJ or 668 AZJ

Meelvas * commented 2020-10-29
Country: Estonia
A very cool car at one time, I wonder who owns it now?


MZS243 or MZ2 43S

Deján * commented 2020-10-29
Country: Hungary
I need to contact the driver of this taxi. I think I lost the key to my office in his car.


KSE491 or KE4 91S

Lefteris * commented 2020-10-29
Country: Unknown
Ferrari. 360
Does anyone know the owner of this car?