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Last comments


ICF208 or ICF 208

Quadre * commented 2021-01-24
Country: Unknown
Often leaves a car under the windows of our house.


685GDC or 685 GDC

Iton * commented 2021-01-24
Country: Unknown
He left the car at the bus stop, does not respond to comments.


518DAR or 518 DAR

Lloyd Dickinson * commented 2021-01-24
Country: Unknown
It’s quite impudent to put your cars as you like.


ZWZ397 or ZWZ 397

Stanly * commented 2021-01-24
Country: Unknown
The owner of this car hit a pedestrian and was taken to the hospital for help.


MKT767 or MKT 767

Homer * commented 2021-01-24
Country: Unknown
He parked his car on the sidewalk, thus disturbing pedestrians.


XBY817 or XBY 817

Cordon commented 2021-01-24
Country: Unknown
I m in France and want to know who drive this car before me


736HOT or 736 HOT

Adam Singh * commented 2021-01-23
Country: Unknown
He breaks parking rules every day.


KIB638 or KIB 638

Sidney * commented 2021-01-23
Country: Unknown
Drove down the sidewalk, broke the curb


HOZ784 or HOZ 784

Andrea * commented 2021-01-23
Country: Unknown
Greetings, unfortunate driver. You park your car, blocked my way.


KEF476 or KEF 476

Faith * commented 2021-01-23
Country: Unknown
I need to find the owner of this car.