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Last comments


634ETB or 634 ETB

ralph cowle commented 2020-09-18
Country: Unknown
I used to won this 1958 Triumph 350 and would be interested in its history since selling it 50 yrs ago


UJ5605 or UJ5 605

Ralph Cowle commented 2020-09-18
Country: Unknown
My broter used to own this car, a 1935 Morris 8. I'd be interested to know its history over the past 50 years or so


ZPR615 or ZPR 615

William Garza commented 2020-09-14
Country: Unknown


HHR812 or HHR 812

Volánbusz Zrt. commented 2020-09-13
Country: Hungary
Ikarus C80


JNG682 or JNG 682

Robert white commented 2020-09-13
Country: Unknown
Ford. The vehicle with the original first registration was mine back in the 1960s
Is this registration still current


AAZ539 or AAZ 539

Jim commented 2020-09-12
Country: Unknown
Uncle marked police surveillance.usually sits with in 1 is in gas lid, rearview mirror.between truck lock and plate in the.handles of the.vehile


OFM594 or OFM 594

N Potts commented 2020-09-09
Country: Unknown
Wolseley. Not sure if it is a Wolseley but im sure someone out there will know
My Grandfathers car George Peter Chatterton England


GDF459 or GDF 459

Mike Jackson commented 2020-09-07
Country: Unknown
Willys. I have several photographs of me working on GDF459 in the early 1960s which I would like to share with the current owner. According to the official record the VRN is still in use - so I assume the Jeep has survived, I cannot post an image since I am currently locked down in Australia. My email address is -
GDF 459 was, in the early 1960s, the VRN of my 1944 (?) Willys Truck 1/4 ton, 4x4 (Jeep). I sold it c 1964 to a man from Hayling Island - who wanted to use it to haul boasts up/down the beach.


GVT890 or GVT 890

Ian Ship commented 2020-08-31
Country: Cyprus
It was My Fathers Car and I learnt to drive in it back in late 1950s


OYK670 or OYK 670

luuk commented 2020-08-29
Country: Sweden
It's a imported car from Sweden to Holland. I like to know ho the first owner was in Sweden.