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Last comments


OOD299 or OOD 299

Gunnar Nilsson commented 2020-07-06
Country: Sweden
Framvagns balk


NQ4312 or NQ 4312

alex commented 2020-06-26
Country: Luxembourg


FC5855 or FC5 855

Peter Cook commented 2020-06-25
Country: Unknown
Morris Cowley Sports Special. Country UK
The Reg. No. Of the first MG car 1/6/1923 in Oxford.


WXN813 or WXN 813

martin ward commented 2020-05-30
Country: Unknown
Austin. Mk1 Sprite
1959 Mk1 sprite frogeye


JV7088 or JV7 088

Mark Dunscombe commented 2020-05-01
Country: Unknown
Morris. Vehicle is a 1938 Morris Eight series 2 blue over black
I Imported vehicle in 2013 to Qld Australia


NNG493 or NNG 493

Les Parsons commented 2020-04-30
Country: Unknown
Morris. Morris Minor 848cc Side Valve Engine with a split (Divided) windscreen. Light grey in colour
I owned this car in the early 60's, just interested if it survived


KRR118 or KRR 118

TREVOR TAYLOR commented 2020-04-28
Country: Unknown
It was in a 1952 film "Hindle wakes" I wanted to know what make of car it was as I didn`t recognise it.


ORM999 or ORM 999

G Lawson commented 2020-04-27
Country: Unknown
A Ford Consul Mk 1 in a light green colour. Owned originally by my father. No idea what's happened to it.


DFQ804 or DFQ 804

anonymous commented 2020-04-24
Country: Unknown
very good looking and like it


JVG128 or JVG 128

LYLE Bowen commented 2020-04-23
Country: Unknown
Morris. Number JVG 128 is for sale
Morris minor Cardiff south Wales CF141RX