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Last comments


OSP255 or OP2 55S

Allan Gibson o commented 2019-10-12
Country: Unknown
I owned this number in the 1970s but can't remember if I have it up or got scrapped its original car was an Austin A30 then a mini after that I think it may have been on a Saab 96


MVU665 or MVU 665

Arnas commented 2019-10-10
Country: Lithuania
Searching my father old car. He sold it about 2009-2010 i want to see how it looks now.


YUV452 or YUV 452

Manuel Ramírez commented 2019-10-10
Country: Unknown
Chevrolet. Oregón
En Estados Unidos


SVU654 or VU6 54S

Anonymous commented 2019-10-09
Country: Moldova
Jeep. Law enforcement maybe. Gun and badge. No uniform. Possible detective or agent.
Tall blonde guy 6’3” easy.


WG9297 or WG9 297

Stuart Cleaver commented 2019-10-08
Country: Unknown
This reg. is on an MGVA Tickford made in UK 1939, first reg. in Stirling in 1942, then lost until 1972. I have just bought this car from USA where stored since 1977. I am trying to complete its history.


NQO832 or NQO 832

Simple Emerald commented 2019-10-04
Country: Unknown
He assaulted me an nearly hit me by his car. I want justice!


LIC251 or LIC 251

Tom commented 2019-09-28
Country: Unknown
What make of car is lic251


IFG001 or IFG 001

Elias Crespo commented 2019-09-26
Country: Unknown
Chocado del lado del chófer


JP7508 or JP7 508

john wheatley commented 2019-09-26
Country: Unknown
my car in the late 1960's it a special


ZYP027 or ZYP 027

JJ commented 2019-09-24
Country: Unknown
Car ZYP027 has hit and run, please notify if you know the owner