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Last comments


410MDH or 410 MDH

Sven * commented 2020-11-27
Country: Estonia
An abandoned car is found, the owner must be brought to justice and forced to dispose of.


EIX838 or EIX 838

Farkas * commented 2020-11-27
Country: Hungary
Need to find the owner of this abandoned car to dispose of it.


KV9792 or KV 9792

Ritvars * commented 2020-11-27
Country: Latvia
How can I find a driver and force them to remove this car parked in the middle of the road?


FOT464 or FOT 464

Stas * commented 2020-11-27
Country: Lithuania
This photo was taken in Minsk. I wonder if this driver in Lithuania also drives onto the sidewalk?


GDA793 or GDA 793

Sandra * commented 2020-11-27
Country: Unknown
Buick. South Carolina
Photograph of the intruder. Violation of parking rules.


JZ6766 or JZ 6766

Edijs Stučka commented 2020-11-26
Country: Latvia
Alfa Romeo.
My car


522MSR or 522 MRS

Lennart * commented 2020-11-26
Country: Estonia
This is my car and I do not understand what I violated, why was a receipt for a fine attached to my windshield?


JSS652 or J65 2SS

Géza * commented 2020-11-26
Country: Hungary
FIAT. Punto
I need to find out who left this car near my house a few weeks ago and why is it still there?


JF5043 or JF 5043

Sīmanis * commented 2020-11-26
Country: Latvia
Volkswagen. Golf
I want to find the owner of this car to buy it


HIC313 or HIC 313

Andor * commented 2020-11-26
Country: Hungary
This broken and dented car has been parked for quite some time. I want to ask its owner to remove it out of the parking lot.