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OSP255 or OP2 55S

Allan Gibson o commented 2019-10-12
Country: Unknown
I owned this number in the 1970s but can't remember if I have it up or got scrapped its original car was an Austin A30 then a mini after that I think it may have been on a Saab 96


MVU665 or MVU 665

Arnas commented 2019-10-10
Country: Lithuania
Searching my father old car. He sold it about 2009-2010 i want to see how it looks now.


YUV452 or YUV 452

Manuel Ramírez commented 2019-10-10
Country: Unknown
Chevrolet. Oregón
En Estados Unidos


SVU654 or VU6 54S

Anonymous commented 2019-10-09
Country: Moldova
Jeep. Law enforcement maybe. Gun and badge. No uniform. Possible detective or agent.
Tall blonde guy 6’3” easy.


WG9297 or WG9 297

Stuart Cleaver commented 2019-10-08
Country: Unknown
This reg. is on an MGVA Tickford made in UK 1939, first reg. in Stirling in 1942, then lost until 1972. I have just bought this car from USA where stored since 1977. I am trying to complete its history.


NQO832 or NQO 832

Simple Emerald commented 2019-10-04
Country: Unknown
He assaulted me an nearly hit me by his car. I want justice!


LIC251 or LIC 251

Tom commented 2019-09-28
Country: Unknown
What make of car is lic251


IFG001 or IFG 001

Elias Crespo commented 2019-09-26
Country: Unknown
Chocado del lado del chófer


JP7508 or JP7 508

john wheatley commented 2019-09-26
Country: Unknown
my car in the late 1960's it a special


ZYP027 or ZYP 027

JJ commented 2019-09-24
Country: Unknown
Car ZYP027 has hit and run, please notify if you know the owner


RZV026 or RZV 026

Unknown Name commented 2019-09-19
Country: Unknown
Woman McDonald employee and her friend that is a male. You think it’s okay to be bad to people when they did nothing wrong? Eyeing people who have BABIES and saying “Sorry, MY car is in YOUR car door’s way.” Weren’t even leaving. Just staring at a pregnant woman and another with a infant child?


LDZ536 or LDZ 536

Lee Orsbun commented 2019-09-18
Country: Unknown
I bought this car, a KIA Rio LX new in 2013. It was for my wife. I put it up for sale late September 2019 on Craig's List in Maui.


WNJ490 or WNJ 490

stevo commented 2019-09-16
Country: Sweden
Who owner of car


JNV509 or JNV 509

Anon commented 2019-09-15
Country: Lithuania
Possibly transporting stolen car. Looking for other opinions from others . Seen in Norway near Voss .


OXP606 or OXP 606

Muraree commented 2019-09-14
Country: Finland
Found very beautiful


JQL058 or JQL 058

Sw commented 2019-09-12
Country: Unknown
Lexus. In castle rock Colorado in castle view high school parking lot on 9-12-19 apricot 7:30 am
Abet aggressive driver, I gave them at root BC they didn’t look and almost hit me in a high school parking lot then they became super aggressive slamming on brakes in front of me goingfast then slamming on brakes again laying in horn when I passed cuz I was going straight while they were in line to turn left. Just a very dangerous driver not paying attention until they wanted to mess with me.


RT9757 or RT9 757

Wanlie commented 2019-09-12
Country: Unknown
Toyota. My life in risk
My life in risk


ZNK824 or ZNK 824

Feliz commented 2019-09-10
Country: Canada
Province of Alberta


XFT961 or XFT 961 commented 2019-09-08
Country: Unknown
Triumph. Country: Hollywood USA. TV Series: My Favorite Martian. Starring Bill Bixby (Jan 22, 1934 - Nov 21, 1993 (age 59)) and Ray Walston ( Nov 2, 1914 - Jan 1, 2001 (age 86) ).(Both stars Deceased).
This car is a Triumph TR-4. Used in American Sitcom My Favorite Martian. 1963-66. Bill Bixby drove it. USA. XFT 961. Used in Hollywood California U.S.A.


OWX666 or OWX 666

bruce burns commented 2019-09-06
Country: Unknown
Austin. your help
I am looking for the car that this belongs to which is an Austin princes with a park ward or mulliner body. This limousine was last registered in the Darlington area under the family name of battye